When will MAS be translated?


Do I need to play the original WHITE ALBUM game?

It’s not necessary. Though there may be references to characters and songs from the previous entry in the series, they are not pivotal to the story. WHITE ALBUM2 is meant to be a standalone story. It just so happens to take place in the same world as the original WHITE ALBUM.

Can I donate to you?

No. If you want to support someone, support the creators by purchasing the game.

OK, how can I purchase the game?

Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase the game.
Amazon has a valid listing of the IC+CC set. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital version of the Extended Edition of the game from DMM. There's also an all-ages version of the game, for the PS3 and PSV, with no English translation available.

What is the Extended Edition?

It's a new release of the game that includes some extra content.

Does the patch work with the Extended Edition?

Yes, it does. However, the extra content has yet to be translated.

Will you translate the PS3/PSV versions?

Magic 8 ball says, “don't count on it.”
We have, however, ported some of the CGs to the PC version.

Could we get access to the tools used to extract the text?

Unfortunately, the tools will remain closed for the time being. However, we may eventually release them to the public.